Hello friends, I am very happy to write again and to share with you the good news!

On August 22nd and August 23rd, I was invited to the United Nations at New York with my bag collection. I participated in a very special exhibit at the headquarters of the United Nations on the 67th DPI/NGO Conference, Finding Global Solutions to Global problems.

I was able to share with strong entrepreneur and creative women. Do you want know something? all of us have something in common:  our enterprises all comply with some of the objectives of the United Nations for 2030. It was a dream come true with a lot of effort to say the least.

All of this leads me to think that if I am able to reach my dreams you can do it too!!! dream and work hard!

This blog also has the intention of thanking my coworkers and the female entrepreneur platform Merakiu.com as well as the Women Together Foundation.

I now say goodbye with a big hug and I am very happy to know that our dreams and hopes when we work with dedication and passion become a reality!

I will see you soon.

Hugs Claudia.