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I think it’s no secret that we love bags… when we go shopping with friends or see them online we do everything possible and  the impossible to buy it! We are aware that we can have a collection as large as our closet allows it or simply, we invaded other spaces in the house to storage them.

That’s why this week in our blog we have the pleasure of inviting Liliana Ramírez who is certified as a space organizer!

Lili ask, has it ever happened to you that we want to find our favorite red bag to go out and you can not find it so you mess up the entire closet? We look for it in every corner and only after 20 minutes we find it! or we also give up in the middle of the road and choose the one we took the day before or the first one we see, all in order to avoid to enter that black hole!

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One of the challenges in organizing the closet is to give an exclusive place to all the things you use and make you happy … bags occupy a special space on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, I think we should organize them in such a way that we find them in less than 20 seconds, maintaining a classification system by categories and being aware of that we need to get rid of those that we no longer  have used in more than 6 months.

Find the bag you want to use in less than 20 seconds …

It would be a hit to find super-fast the bag you want to use that day, right? Well, I’ll tell you it’s a matter of:

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  1. Have your bags in the same space:in that way you will know where they are and you are not wondering  in another closet or you will not have to run to the other end of the house just to see if by chance there is the one you are looking for. Remember: All in the same place will save you an extra time looking and knowing where things are.
  1. Storage them in bookshelf type:if you have them in a drawer or under the bed, you can storage them as a  file type, as if they were books in a library, it is not convenient to put them one on top of the other. In this way you can easily find the one you are looking for. You will have a panoramic view of all your inventory. If you have a space available behind the door of the closet or room you can also accommodate them there, hanging vertically to take advantage of every inch.

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Since you are organizing your closet remember that the end of the year is almost here, we have many meetings and we have to look spectacular ah! and do not forget that you have to buy a couple of Christmas gifts!

We have a couple of ideas here!

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  1. Do not put them in bags or boxes:You will not be able to see them and it will be more difficult to identify where they are. I know that many of us keep the bag from the store where we buy it to protect it from the dust, but the most effective way to keep them well taken care of is to use them frequently, so the dust does not stick to them and they will be in their natural state: hanging on your shoulder.
  1. Organize them by categories:If you have clutch-type bag, backpack-type, bags for holidays, large, medium or stroller bag (casual type), they should be distributed in the space. You must group them by these categories and the most advisable thing is that you label that group of bags by putting a sticker over the shelf or drawer that reads the name of the category, so once you take it out you already know the group to which it belongs.
  1. Consciously discard the ones you no longer use: it is difficult to get rid of a bag, I know, but we have to be realistic, there is another bag that we no longer use and the truth is that no longer makes us happy. Make a diagnosis to the bag and ask yourself:

How long ago do I have it? How long ago did I use it? Does it make me happy? Do I have a similar one that I use more frequently? Do you think that someone could use it and be happy with it?

After answering these questions, you will know what to do, if you do not want it or use it so why you have it? The best thing is to give it a chance, for that you have several options: donate it, sell it or give it away.

Once you have gone through these 5 steps you will feel that your space is organized and optimized, with a system appropriate for your routines, labeled and free of things you do not like. You will see that the black hole that caused you stress just by looking at it, is now a special place where your bags rest, your day to day will be easier to live and the long days of searching for the ideal portfolio will not exist anymore in your life …

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Many thanks to our guest Liliana, lilianaramirezh@gmail.com expert in organizing spaces

Ready to organize our closets?

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