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Paris ooh La la! City of light, love, so richly cultural and world center of fashion.

 The Parisian style is chic, simple and elegant, it is unmistakable and also reason for inspiration in terms of fashion trends.

The Eiffel Tower, a must see when you go to Paris, designed by the French engineer Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel to commemorate the centenary of the French revolution in the
Universal Exhibition of 1,889

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When you visit Paris, sit down to have coffee with a croissant and watch people go by, it’s the best plan to understand how this wonderful city is.

The best world designers meet in Paris to present their Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter collections every year.

Do you want to wear the French style? The truth is that it is very easy, we leave you these tips so that you keep them in mind. Time to get dressed!

  1. Cotton blouse, neck scarf, jeans and heels, to finish the look a Minibag.

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  1. Essential, scarf, top horizontal stripes and blazer, can not miss  it to give the Parisian touch.

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Tips for organizing French style outfits

Here I share some ideas so you can incorporate this style that I like so much with our Claudia Sanchez Design bags.

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Great look in black, a classic to wear both day and night, is only to change the accessories and voila!

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I send  you a very special hug and see you next week with more tips!

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